What was that blur?

14 Mar

HOLY CRAP week 10 came up fast.  Seriously, yesterday it was week 4, and now everything has to be done.  Oi vey.

Well, I can tell you this: the album is complete.  We have album art, 8 glorious songs hot of the mastering presses of Mace Tripp aka Roric, and Continuous Mix by yours truly.  I’m really happy with the results, I love all the tracks and all the crazy stories that came with them.  I finished up the continuous mix around 5am this morning and immediately sent it out to Chris Hobson (Project 2 teacher) and to my Music Video Director, Eddie Cardenas, for placement into the music video.  The album is amazing, and now I only have to deal with the paperwork to get it digitally distributed.  While the original purpose was to do a limited hard press of CDs, I may not have the time and/or money to do it.  The original intent of digital distribution is still perfectly viable, but the hard press might have to go due to budget constraints.  I guess I’m learning more about this business every day.

The video is coming along quite well.  While we’ve been up against the rock wall with a really strenuous deadline, and then had our project get corrupted and had to start fresh just 3 days ago, we’re really happy with the shots that my Director has put together and very much enjoying the late nights working on the editing and the feel of the video.  While I’m not doing a lot of editing (mostly due to my lack of knowledge with the software), it’s nice to see the original vision for the project come to life, in some semblance of what I had originally planned on.  The video should be done by Friday morning, just in time for Portfolio 2 class; however, we’ll be continuing the editing and effects processes until next Wednesdays’s portfolio show, where the final video will be used as my Portfolio piece (because it showcases not just my entire album, but my ability to coordinate and executive produce a 25min long music video). *Tip of the hat to Pink Floyd for the inspiration*

I’ve learned a lot in the process of making this album and video.

1) There will always be delays.

2) There will always be changes that you don’t plan for or intend.

3) There will always be people holding your project back with their lack of quick turnaround time.

4) You have to be able to accept those things that you never wanted to accept, because that’s how things are done.  It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or is the most hair-brained idea you’ve ever heard: someone else will hold control over your project and you won’t be able to do anything about it, and they will try their best to ruin it for you.

5) Passive-Aggressive approaches don’t work AT ALL when it comes to getting unmotivated producers to get you original music that they’re not getting paid for (except for royalties)

6) There is a ton of paperwork associated with releasing an album

7) It won’t be what you envisioned when you started the project, but it will be equally as glorious.

8) You absolutely, positively will go over budget.

I’ve learned a helluva lot with this album and video work, and now I’m ready to take my talents to South Beach….


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