It’s the final countdown…

7 Mar

Ladies and gentlemen, a music video has been shot.

It was a crazy weekend, filled with time delays and technical difficulties, and we ended up shooting for two days instead of one because of people in the production crew not feeling well, but we got every shot we wanted beautifully, and had a ton of surprises along the way.  The editing begins now, and we’re obviously on a short time frame, but it’ll get done, because this was always the plan from the beginning.

Beyond that, the music has been given to the mastering engineering, Roric, with a turnaround in a couple of days.  Then, the final continuous mix and send the tracks to CD Baby for distribution.  We’re coming to crunch time, and I can feel the heat, but I can see the light.

I’ll be sitting down with my director, Eddie Cardenas, and editing the video mostly between him and myself.  He’s already begun work on title screens and credit screens.

On top of that, the website is live and active, and has already caused my webmaster and host a series of problems with data, going through more data in 24 hours than all his other websites combined pull in a month.  So, I take that as a very good thing.

With graduation coming on March 22, and the album being digitally released the same day, I also have my public live debut that night at a venue called The Yard in East Village San Diego.  So that will be a grand and glorious day to make my professional entrance onto the entertainment scene.OB sunset shot Chicano park Mission Beach boardwalk Balboa Park at night


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