Album, Website, Music Video — ALL IN ONE WEEK?!?!

28 Feb

After a small hiatus from the limelight in order to get my health back under me, I’m pleased to announce that I have acquired all the tracks for my (now) COMPILATION ALBUM (vice EP).  They are in need of mastering; however, I’ve already talked to a professional mastering engineer to help me with the project.

So while I wait for the mastering engineer to finish with their work, we continue with the push on the music video being shot this weekend.  This Saturday, March 2nd, we will meet at the school and continue on to our numerous locations for a long and tightly scheduled day of fun and music.  We have 8 locations to bounce among, with 8 songs to record video for.  Thankfully, I’ve also got a director and a head of videographers to help assist me in this whole process.  Special shout out to Eddie Cardenas for being the official director, and Colin Eldridge for heading up the collective of videographers that will be assembled for this video.  Once the video is done, then we move on to post production, and there I’ll be getting help from Mr. Javier Meza and his skillful touch of After Effects.

On top of all of that, the website has been launched!! is the official domain and it’s excellent!! I am now able to host all of my DJ mixes no problem, and can now host several that I had not been able to release previously.

So, all in all everything is moving exactly as is necessary.  The album is very close to done, and needs only some mastering and the final continuous mix to be recorded for the digital and hard release.  Here’s to the future!!


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