Midterms! EP closing in on completion, Video shoot date set

7 Feb

Progress continues on the EP and video shoot exactly as planned.  The tracks have been requested by February 15th from all producers, and four tracks have been completed with three more for sure deep in the works from two producers.  In addition, the project has taken another delightful turn: one of the producers has asked his friend to mix his song, and the friend may do a remix of the song as well.  So, I may get a remix of an original to put on the EP as well, which would definitely enhance the project further.  Furthermore, several other producers have promised me tracks, though I haven’t heard any level of progress from some of them.  Not a bad thing, just harder to count on without knowing how far along they may be.  But this is a part of the industry, and I’m eager to learn the mistakes now instead of later.

The video shoot has been slated for March 2nd, and already there are numerous people planning on attending.  Additionally, I have had more than enough volunteers to help me pull the shoot off without a problem, giving me multiple camera angles for each shot.  The next step in the process is to select every individual location to shoot and begin to plan the routes we will take during the shoot, so everyone is on the same page and to minimize on useless running around.  The shoot is scheduled from 10am-6pm.  And I have lined up some celebrity cameos for the shoot, so that’ll be fun.

So, everything is moving along as necessary.  I still need to get album art for my project, but once I have that and the finished tracks, I’ll be ready to hand them off for some mastering and then send them for digital distribution and for copyright filing.  More work to come to ensure this all happens, but I’m confident and faithful that I’ll complete it all for the March 22 EP release date.EP Music Video Shoot


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