Progress Is Happening, Pleasant Surprises Abound

31 Jan

This past week turned out to be quite the upswing of the roller coaster of life.  Big progress has been made, and some dates are getting set in stone on some big events for this whole endeavor.  I’m working with a promoter to set the date of my live DJ debut, which should happen towards the end of February.  Then, I got booked for a gig at yet another venue I have had my eyes on for quite a while: The Yard. The kicker on that gig is that it’s the night that I graduate college, and release my EP, and my parents will be in town, so the fact that I’ll be able to perform live that night as well just simply tops the cake…or so I thought.

Allow me to sidetrack a bit.  The point of my EP project is to promote the idea of community music, instead of individual music.  You see, I’m not making the tracks on my EP, nor will I be taking credit or getting paid for them.  The producers of the tracks will receive the credit, fame and money for the songs that they contributed.  Therefore, we can garner fame and attention together, instead of fighting and struggling for it individually.  By working together selflessly, and putting egos aside for the greater good of the community, then the whole community can benefit all the more, and likely on higher levels.  Collaborative musical arrangements have typically been well received and made very good money.

That brings us back to the topic.  I got home from some running around on Sunday night to find a track on my Soundcloud page that had been shared only to me.  The song was really cool, and really well made.  I asked the producer if the track was original to him, and if he was interested in submitting it to my EP, and he told me that was exactly the plan.

Here’s why this is so significant.  I hadn’t talked to the person previously about submitting work for the EP, and the fact that he did the track and got it to me shows that the promotion and marketing of my EP was successful.  I was able to get an outside producer (someone I hadn’t previously arranged to make a track for the EP) on my project, and to top it off they surprised me with the submission and its amazing quality.

So, the EP sits at 4 completed tracks, with 1 producer sitting on 2 unfinished tracks, and several other producers who have shown me progress on their tracks and with whom I have been keeping in contact.  We now are setting final dates for the music video shoot, and then the fun begins, as I try to align numerous DJs and musicians to appear in one particular shot, in a crowded area of Downtown San Diego.  It’ll be difficult, but awesome if we can pull it off.

To top it off, I have my website underway and scheduled to go live before graduation.  Also, the logo is in the works, with some editing necessary, but overall and solid intro product.  A graphic designer has been hired to do this for me.

Live debut, EP, video.  All the big things I have to get lined up in the next few weeks.  And things are moving along exactly as I have planned.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.35.24 PM Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.35.56 PM Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.36.38 PM Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.37.23 PM Website screenshot nate_3_logo


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