Final / Senior Project: EP …JUST PRESS PLAY…

17 Jan

Well, the time has come for my final hurrah in this musical forum we call college.  I face my final eleven weeks of school, and graduate on March 22.  Between now and then I only have to executive produce my EP and it’s associated music video.  Shouldn’t be hard.

OK, I lie.  Getting this done won’t be easy, mostly because of the scope of the project.  The whole idea of the project is to promote the community aspect within the music industry, to show people that we can work together to create something great, without our egos getting in the way.  Since I’m not very musically inclined, I’m not doing a lot of the music making for my EP (though I will be jumping on a track or two, depending on how comfortable I get working with the music at the level I am hoping it will be), which actually adds an entire separate level of difficulty to the project: having to rely on other people to get work done for me.

As far as all my prep work is concerned, I started months ago by contacting numerous producers that i am friends with and began to ask them if they would be interested in working on this project.  As I got more and more people involved, I began to see the daunting scope of my plan.  Soon as many as 13 producers were involved with the EP, though certainly I understood that some would drop off the project before the end.  I created a pre-form letter explaining the whole project in detail, and sent it to those producers.  The beginning was go.

Production began shortly thereafter for many of the producers.  I began to explore the various options of distribution and working on the video ideas and album art concepts.  I have since requested that all tracks be completed and turned in to me by Feb 15th.

The final process will be putting the tracks in a particular order, and then creating the “continuous mix” for the album, my DJing skills put to the test to create a unique sound for the EP, all the tracks played in one continuous DJ mix.  This mix will be track 1 on the EP.

I have several different producers working on tracks for this EP, as well as many more individuals that will be involved in the shooting of the video.  Too many to include here, tho only some of them go to school with me.  I’ve found it beneficial to work outside my school circles often.

As far as equipment is concerned, video equipment will be utilized to shoot the music video, while my Pioneer DDJ-SX will be used to do the continuous mix for the EP.

Without budget constraints, I would include tracks from much more famous producers, such as Tiesto, Wolfgang Gartner, Daft Punk, and Dirtyloud.  However, they cost lots of money to produce songs.

The final package for my EP will be a limited-release hard CD with front and back album art, wrapped in plastic, with the primary mode of distribution being purely digital, via iTunes, Amazon, and possibly Beatport.

I expect to be challenged along the way by people unable to get me tracks on time, video problems rearing their ugly heads, and copyright and PRO registration complications.


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